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 You can read much of the book Train Your Mate - How To Have The Relationship You Want, here, to see if it is for you!

Train Your Mate - How To Have The Relationship You Want


            Can you train your mate for more love, pleasure and intimacy for the both of you?  This course says “Yes, You Can!”  Using some of the latest developments in emotional and relationship intelligence, you can improve the quality of your relationship whether your partner wants to “work on the relationship” or not.

            In school you weren’t taught any relationship skills.  You didn’t get to take any classes on Relationship Intelligence.  You could learn math, business, finance, but no courses were offered on love, intimacy and developing a thriving long term relationship.   

            Welcome to The Train Your Mate System, an advanced course in developing Relationship IQ.  In the next few chapters you will learn some of the most sophisticated relationship skills currently available in the fields of neuroscience and communications technology. Skills that you can put to use “single-handedly” to improve the quality of your relationship for the both of you.

            One of the themes of this book is that you can improve your relationship and train your mate for more long-term love, pleasure and intimacy all by yourself, without the for-knowledge of your partner.  Oftentimes it is just one person in the relationship who realizes the need for change and is willing to work to make it happen.  The other partner may not be interested in “working on” the relationship.  This System is designed to give you, the partner who wishes to enhance the quality of the relationship, the skills and methods to make powerful changes even if your mate doesn’t seem to be “interested in change.” 

            You have the power to make great changes in your relationship.  If you mate doesn’t seem interested in reading this book or changing anything, you can still make your relationship better.  If your partner does wish to work on improving the relationship, so much the better.  But all by yourself, if you want, you can learn skills to add more love, intimacy and pleasure to your relationship. 

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