Relationship Advice - The Love Multiplier 

The Love Multiplier is a very simple tool for increasing the amount of love the two of you actually feel every day in your relationship.  This is a very powerful technology that works wonders in just minutes.  At first it will seem a bit odd and technical, but just read it all the way through and you’ll see how it can work wonders. 

            We are all in relationships to feel love.  That's what we want.

 This is no great secret.             

The more love we feel, the more intimate and connected and close our sense of the relationship.  But most of us feel no true sense of control over how much love we can experience or provide for our partner. 

At first we felt a lot of love and appreciation from our mate.  In the courting phase, it was pretty great.  But after the courting phase, once we are “together,” sometimes we feel really loved, sometimes we feel anywhere from okay to tense to distant.  After a while we end up "stumbling about" in our relationship hoping to feel really loved as it becomes more hit and miss. 

The Love Multiplier is a specific method for making each other feel really loved every day.  It is very simple and places a lot of power in your hands to increase the love you experience.  Once you learn this technology you can increase the love you experience in your relationship tenfold!      

The Love Multiplier is deceptively simple.  The first thing you need to do is to discover your personal “structure” for feeling loved.  Yes, you have a "structure" for feeling loved by your partner.  There is some thing or combination of things that he/she can do that make you feel really loved.  You know what it is though you may not have thought about it in this way before. 

When a fly buzzes by your ear on a hot day you probably are not overwhelmed by feelings of love.  When your man whispers hot nothings into your ear you may have some pretty strong feelings of love.  The fact that the buzzing fly doesn't turn you on but the hot whisperings do is a clue.  Some things make you feel loved.  Some don't!  

 Is this a revelation or what??       

 Feelings don't just “happen” to us at random (you can learn more about this in the Emotional IQ course at  Feelings are often results, they have “structures,” certain things can trigger them.  Love is the same way.  While it is a mystery in its depth and power, it is also something that we can "feel on purpose" much more than we ever imagined.

We each have a personal "way" that we feel loved.  Some of us feel more loved with visual displays, like flowers or lingerie.  Some of us feel loved more verbally, hot whisperings in our ears.  Your job is to discover what your structure for feeling loved is, and then discover your mate's structure for feeling loved.  Once you know more EXACTLY what makes your mate feel loved, you can then do EXACTLY that once or several times a day to

have your partner feel loved much more of the time.           

And once you know EXACTLY what makes you feel loved, you can use the skill of Making Intimate Requests to get your mate to do EXACTLY that every day so that you feel loved.  So that you, yes, you, can feel really loved.  Every day, much of the time, you can feel really loved. 

Learning the Love Multiplier can change the whole nature of the relationship.  You will have few excuses for bitching and moaning about your partner or your love life.  When we aren't feeling really loved, little things bother us a lot like the household chores or why he leaves his dirty underwear lying all over the bedroom floor.  When we feel really loved, we get an entirely different perspective on such trivial concerns.  Like when you first fell in love with him or her, little things bother you a lot less. 

When you can consciously - on purpose - use the Love Multiplier on him, you will see him change before your very eyes into the wonderful man you fell in love with.  Make him feel really loved once or several times a day and he will begin to transform into your Knight in Shining Armor again, like he was when you first fell for him.  Usually, when he feels really loved he will be more compassionate, more tender, more thoughtful, more of just about everything you want from your man.  And you will actually know how to bring this about in your relationship. 

Spend a little detective time on what makes you and your mate feel really loved, and it will pay off for you in years of more pleasure. 

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