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You Can, even if you’re the only one trying!   


Mike told Debra “Things just aren’t the same anymore… we’ve lost the passion for each other, and I think it’s time to move on…” Debra felt crushed. She knew he had been losing some interest in her but was hoping it wouldn’t come to this. Another guy she really liked was dumping her. Ouch! But what could she do when he just wasn’t that into her anymore?

Can you fix your relationship when
they’re just “not that into you” anymore?

Things can get stale and in a rut between any two people. This kind of relationship problem kills couples off every day the world over. But using the information you’re about to discover, Debra had a simple talk with Mike.

It took less than ten minutes.

She followed it up by changing one thing and they were back in love within a week. She and Mike are now having more fun than ever before. You can learn exactly what she said in the talk to win back his heart. Debra used some powerful Relationship Intelligence with Mike. Learn it, and you can turn relationship problems into breakthroughs. Because, as we all find out

It’s easier to fall in love
than it is to stay in love!

Relationship problems happen all the time for all kinds of reasons. One mate not that into the other anymore is just one common kind of trouble, but it can be anything. Constant fighting and arguing. One partner cheats on the other or wrongs them in some way. Or one of you is too controlling and the other feels smothered. Here’s another all too common scenario:

Jen’s husband screwed up. He cheated on her and got caught. Jason begged and pleaded with her to give him another chance. “It meant nothing, it’s you I really love!” But Jennifer said what most women in this situation feel: “No Way, I can never trust you again.” Both of them were hurt and feeling miserable and headed towards divorce. She didn’t want to throw the marriage away but she wasn’t going to live with a man she couldn’t trust. And, she had the kids to think about!

Jen felt betrayed and could see no way to get back to the feelings of love for her man. Was there anyway to save her marriage, get over feelings of betrayal, and make her marriage cheat proof? Was there any relationship advice for her? Jason had lost his love over a “meaningless” fling. Did he deserve a second chance? Was there any relationship help for him?

But what if you can repair your relationship, even for the worst of transgressions? Using the information you’re about to discover, Jen had a short step by step conversation with her soon to be ex husband

that took less than ten minutes.

In that 7 Step discussion something remarkable happened for Jen. She actually began to feel like maybe she could trust him again. So they called off the lawyers and stayed together. Yes, they still have some things to work on, but they got back together because Jen learned some specific Relationship Intelligence to help them both get past a marriage wrecker.

What if you could not only revive your relationship but make it into the relationship you both want? And in the process build a stronger love relationship than you had before? It happens a lot, and it can happen for you. What if you could move beyond any and all past mistakes made between you?

My name is John Laney and I teach courses on Relationship and Emotional Intelligence. I’ve written a book called The Train Your Mate System for Having the Relationship You Want. This book is a complete system that will take you by the hand and walk you through exactly how to fix any relationship step by step.

Man or woman, whatever your situation, you can learn the Train Your Mate System within minutes and put it to work to have the relationship you want starting today. You can learn exactly what to say and do to turn relationship problems into breakthroughs.

Even if you’re the only one trying. Even if your mate doesn’t seem cooperative. You see, relationships deal in Emotional Logic. Learn this, and seemingly “all by yourself” you can get the love back and turn conflict into caresses. Yes, we all know that it takes two to fight, but it only takes one to start a shift in the relationship. If you use some powerful Relationship Intelligence, you can be “the one” that turns things around!

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Jen used some compelling Emotional Intelligence to give Jason a real second chance. The 7 Step Trust Rebuilder is perfect for some situations. It is powerful and it will help you to move beyond mistakes with your love much more quickly.

Debra had to use a very different kind of Emotional Logic to win back Mike’s love. Even after Mike said the dreaded words “Maybe we can still be friends.” And, she had a lot of fun doing it.

I am going to give you in this letter one of the first useful foundations of Relationship Intelligence. It’s coming right up. But first, please understand

It’s Not Hopeless!

Look. If you’re having relationship problems, I know it’s a hard time. A damaged relationship is an emotional hurricane of very difficult feelings to deal with. Heartache. Sadness. Loneliness. Desperation. In Jen’s case betrayal and shame and in Debra’s case sadness and grief. Relationships can trigger not just love but some of the worst feelings in our lives.

You can cry at the drop of a hat. You can feel miles apart even when you’re in the same room. You wonder what it’s doing to the kids. Hear a love song on the radio and feel crushing heartache. Fly into a rage over the littlest of things.

But what if you could win back your love? What if you could not only begin to repair the damage but learn some simple methods to have more love than ever before? But how?? Is there some secret recipe to making it happen? Is there some code proven by others that you could learn to not just repair things but create the relationship help you want?

The Code can be called EQ.

EQ stands for Emotional Intelligence, a key part of Relationship Intelligence. Jen had a tough problem to overcome, right? Cheating is one of the biggest relationship killers in the world. She loved Jason but wondered if she could ever trust him again. What can you do if that’s the case? Man or woman - whether you wronged your mate or they wronged you - learning some amazing EQ can help you not just repair the damage but make your relationship cheat proof.

Debra had a different problem to solve. When your mate just isn’t that into you anymore, there is something missing. Most couples just break up at this point. After all, the love seems like its gone, right? But in reality all you need is a different kind of EQ to discover and provide what’s missing.

You need Emotional Intelligence
if you are

Fighting and arguing a lot

Feeling all alone in your relationship

Losing the spark and passion

Bitching and nagging much of the time

Heading towards - or already - in a sexless relationship

Worrying if your mate is cheating on you

Being treated like a roommate rather than a lover

Wondering where the love went and if you can get it back

Feeling hopeless, like there’s nothing you can do

Rehashing your last conversations and fights endlessly

And, when you try to talk about relationship problems with your mate, what if it gets no better, or even worse? Do they seem more distant or angry ? That’s okay, because

We can make a lot of mistakes in a relationship, like

  • Blame our mate, tell them it’s all their fault
  • argue even louder and harder.
  • Withhold sex or have it with someone else
  • Bitch and nag and attack
  • come across as totally desperate and needy.
  • Try the “silent treatment” and retreat
  • or get pushy and obnoxious.

Some friendly advice? Stop doing those things. They’re bad Emotional Logic, and will drive your mate even further away!

How to Have the Relationship
You Want Instead

Like I said, I teach Emotional and Relationship Intelligence courses. And one of the first things you learn working with people on relationships is

It’s easier to fall in love than to stay in love!

Staying in love and loving happily ever is a challenge for all of us – over 50% of marriages end up in divorce! Staying in love requires a set of relationship skills they never taught us in school. Did you get to take any classes on loving happily ever after? Relationships are the most important things in our lives, and yet we never got one class in school on how to make them work!

I said I was going to give you some foundational Relationship Intelligence and here we go. First, all relationships have breakdowns. You know what a breakdown is - Fights, arguments, upsets, distancing. It’s gonna happen in all relationships.

Well, since millions of couples every day have breakdowns in their relationship, many studies have been done to see what works and what doesn’t work when couples have problems. After all, there are lots of opportunities to observe this, right?

And here’s what the studies on thousands of couples found!

Most people deal with breakdowns by doing one of two things. They either attack or they withdraw. Attackers (who aren’t bad and are very nice people usually) try to argue or dominate or manipulate their mate into agreeing with them. Attackers are so uncomfortable with the breakdown/upset they try to force their mate to see it their way.

“Retreaters” (who are also very nice people) have a whole different strategy. They are so uncomfortable with the breakdown that they shut down. Withdraw behind a wall of silence. Shut out their mate. They come across as cold and distant.

Now we have all attacked and “retreated” in different arguments in our lives. In some relationships, both of you retreat behind walls of silence. The distance between you gets so vast and can feel so uncross-able! And with some other couples, both of you attack and argue until it seems that’s all that you do.

But both attacking and
withdrawing are mistakes!

They keep the upset from being resolved! And, attacking and withdrawing both damage the quality of the relationship. But if you’re like most people, you’re stuck! You probably know that attacking/forcing your mate doesn’t work. And surely you’ve figured out that the “silent treatment” and being cold and distant and withholding sex isn’t working either.

What else can you do?

Well, just as studies have figured out what doesn’t work, there are also several things people do to resolve issues that work. The Train Your Mate System in the book will walk you through how to get what you want and have breakthroughs in your relationship even if you are the only one trying.

That’s right, even if your mate seems uninterested in changing anything, using some simple Emotional Logic and Relationship Intelligence you can start bringing the love back to your relationship today. There is a simple, humorous, 4 step Quick Change Method to accomplish just this that anyone can learn in minutes.

The Train Your Mate System also includes the Love Multiplier. Using some of the latest discoveries in Relationship Intelligence, you can increase the love both of you actually feel in the relationship. You can feel 10 times the love. Really, and all it takes is 5 minutes or so a day. No relationship should be without this.

It contains a complete course on Turning Conflict Into Caresses. This is Relationship Intelligence not available anywhere else. And, how about how to stop fighting at the source, before it begins? You can learn exactly how to do that to..

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I’ve been studying and teaching about breakdowns in relationships for years now. I’ve coached lots of people on how to not just fix relationship problems but take things to the next level. And one of the most interesting things I’ve learned is this: a few powerful conversations that take less than ten minutes can begin to get most couples past big problems.

Whether its cheating or being wronged or loss of passion and boredom. Often times, just ten minutes of the right kind of Emotional Logic can begin to win back your love. No begging or pleading. No yelling or forcing. No more being cold and distant. The Emotional Intelligence involved in getting the love back can be learned in minutes from the book

The Train Your Mate System
For Having the Relationship You Want

This book gives you an astonishing system for getting the best out of your relationship using the latest Relationship Intelligence. Even if you’re the only one trying. Even if your mate or your relationship is stuck in a rut. You can absolutely create instant breakthroughs in the quality of your love life, starting in just 10 minutes.

Will everything be fixed in 10 minutes? No, obviously not. But in just ten minutes you can begin to get past any big problems and within days be well on your way to having exactly the relationship you both want – even if your partner won’t talk about or doesn’t seem interested in working on the relationship at all.

The Train Your Mate System isn’t about trying to manipulate your mate into doing what you want. It isn’t about gimmicks like wearing sexier lingerie to try to rekindle interest. Trying to manipulate or trick your mate into change is a flimsy plan that won’t get your real love..

Let’s look at what’s in The Train Your Mate System and how it can help you:

The Intimate 4 Step Change Method for Training Your Mate and Getting What You Want. This is powerful. It gives you an “almost unfair advantage.” It’s only 4 steps and you can learn it in just minutes and put it to use today. This 4 Step Method is astonishing and you’ve got to learn this essential tool whatever your situation. (Begins on Page 25)

What To Do If They’re Just Not That Into You! This happens a lot in relationships. Your partner gets bored or loses passion for you. They just don’t seem to be that into you any more. What can you do to turn this around in just a few days? Not only is there lots you can do - it can be some of the most fun you’ll have too! (The Chapter beginning on page 81 walks you through this easy and fun fix!)

How To Turn Conflict Into Caresses! Conflict can rip your love relationship to shreds. However, there is some powerful Emotional Logic you can apply to any conflict to turn it into caresses sooner rather than later. The Train Your Mate System contains the only Conflict To Caresses complete course available anywhere in the world. You’ll love this – and so will your mate. (Begins on page 119)

How To Get Over Being Wronged! Lots of lovers get betrayed by their mates, and feel like they can’t trust them ever again. Learn how to give your ex a second chance and keep the same problem from ever happening again. (Pages 144-158 reveals exactly how to accomplish this!)

Stop All the Fighting and Arguing. That’s what’s driving you apart. Learn two powerful skills to stop fighting at the source. You won’t stop all of it, but you can easily prevent most arguments before they begin. Discover how to cut out the fighting and make love not war with your mate. (Starts on Page 73)

How to Regain Their Trust! If you cheated or in some other way betrayed your lover, and you’re worried they’ll never be able to trust you again, you must learn this. Most people think it can take years, if ever, to rebuild trust, but you’ll find out it can be done within hours! (Page 149)

How To Stop A Divorce Dead In It’s Tracks. Sometimes things have gotten really bad. If you are separated from your spouse or heading towards a divorce, you can turn it around sometimes in just a matter of 10 minutes, if you use some simple but amazing Relationship Intelligence. This system can change your future.

Sex Secrets Your Momma Never Told You! The Train Your Mate System introduces you to Advanced Sex. No, it’s not some new position or silly new erogenous zone. However old you are, and however much you think you already know, this one chapter will blow you away and you can immediately begin to take sex to a whole new level. And your mate will absolutely love you for it! (Begins on page 100)

How to Stop The Pain of a Break Up! The best way, in most cases, is to stop the break up! You can do this often times in one or two ten minute conversations. The Train Your Mate System for Having the Relationship You Want will give you a complete step by step guide for what to say and do! How can you take care of yourself and start to feel better immediately, today? Learn this system and in as little as ten minutes start to turn things around.

The Love Multiplier! Feel 5-10 Times the Love! Learn this remarkable tool based on the latest findings in neuroscience. You and your mate can take 5 minutes a day to more than triple the amount of love and pleasure you get from your relationship. This is one of the most fun relationship skills you can learn. Master this and you will make your relationship “cheat-proof” and more intimate than ever. (Starts on page 90)

Want proof that it works?

I realize this might be starting to sound like some overhyped sales pitch and you may be skeptical. Having worked with tons of couples, I can honestly tell you that this is relationship advice we all need. I’m passionate about getting the word out. It does make a difference. Everyone should have it. Hopefully someday it will be taught in schools. But here’s some “proof” from satisfied clients:

"I Got My Mate Back Into Me!"

“My mate wasn’t that into me anymore and was ready to call it quits. With the Train Your Mate System he was back into me within a week. Thanks so much!”

Sue Whitman,
San Diego, CA

"Infidelity Almost Killed My Marriage!"

“John, your book really helped me deal with a cheating spouse. We are back together and on the way to doing better than ever. Me and my kids thank you for it!”

Colleen Strahan,
Aurora, CO

"Our relationship was on the rocks with no sex!"

“Our relationship was on the rocks. No sex, no fun, not really much fighting since we were so distant from each other. I tried two things from The Train Your Mate System the first week and it was amazing. Now he’s looking me in the eyes, we talk some, and we’re making love again. I’m looking forward to next week! ”

Anne Bachman,
Sydney, Australia

"We stopped fighting at the source!"

“We were fighting and arguing all the time. About the kids, about money, about the chores. I didn’t believe you could ‘stop fighting at the source.’ But now, after one month, we play more and fight a lot less. Everyone should use this System!”

Robin Glasgow,
Great Britain

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Let me be clear. The Train Your Mate System is not about using some tricks or gimmicks to try to manipulate your mate. It is about some of the latest Relationship Intelligence for getting more of what you both want. Love, romance, play and partnership. They didn’t teach us this stuff in school. But it works even if you’re the only one that seems to be trying to fix things.

Frequently Asked Questions
about How To Get Your Love Back

What does The Train Your Mate System cost?
Seeing a couples counselor will cost $100 an hour. Breaking up, moving out, getting a divorce will cost you thousands. But you can learn how to Have the Relationship You Want for less than the cost of a movie ticket. The Relationship Intelligence skills you will learn in this book cost $9.95 as a special this week only price for subscribers of my mini-course.

For the cost of a night out with your mate you can get a complete system for having breakthroughs in your relationship that will provide years of pleasure. Investing $$9.95 in your relationship is one of the best investments you can make if you are worried about living unhappily ever after.

Can I really change things if I’m the only one trying?
Yes, you can, and you’ll understand exactly how within the first several pages of the book. The reason this works is because we all want more love, intimacy and fun in our relationships. The Train Your Mate System just helps you guide your relationship back to the “Nirvana” you both want. Yes, the System will work on even the most hard headed, argumentative or disinterested mate. Get it today and see for yourself.

What if your strategies don’t work for me?
That’s a fair question. This book comes with a 60 day absolutely no risk guarantee. You get 60 days to see if it works. 60 days to try it on your most challenging relationship issue.

If you read this book and don’t think it will work for you, you’ll get a 100% refund, no questions asked. And, at least you’ll have learned some remarkable Relationship Intelligence for the time you invested to read the book. You’ll still have this powerful knowledge to use for the rest of your life. Download the book and see for yourself.

When will I receive the Train Your Mate System?
Immediately upon ordering. You will be able to download it in just minutes and start putting it to use to start having breakthroughs in your relationship. I strongly advise that you read the whole book before using any of the skills. You need to understand how they all can work together based on your individual situation to rejuvenate your relationship. But you can read the whole 170+ pages in just a few hours.

What if I have a question about something in The Train Your Mate System?
Terrific. It would be my pleasure to give you a hand and I give you a special “client only” contact address within the book.

What if we’re already separated or getting a divorce?
If you still want it to work out, then you need help. You’re getting a divorce because you’ve run into big problems in your relationship. Again, I’ve found that most really big relationship problems can begin to be solved within ten minutes. Really. There is a whole section in the book for you if you are separated or divorcing.

Shouldn’t we just go see a couples counselor?
If you can get your mate to go, by all means see a therapist. However, many partners refuse to go. In any event, get The Train Your Mate System so that you can start to improve your relationship regardless of whether your mate will go into counseling with you. For less than half the cost of seeing a therapist one time, you can learn how to have the relationship you want.

What if the love’s been gone a long time? Is it too late?
No. If you are still together, however unhappily, you can use The Train Your Mate System to start turning things around today. Really. Oftentimes within ten minutes. Your situation is far from hopeless. Download the book in minutes and  discover for yourself if this isn’t some of the most amazing Relationship Intelligence you’ve ever heard of, period.

What about the other relationship books out there?
You can buy other books that will give you some useful tips, I’m sure. But nothing else will give you A Complete System for Having the Relationship You Want. You simply won’t find information elsewhere like The Love Multiplier. Turning Conflict into Caresses. The 4 Step Change Method and so much more of some of the most remarkable Relationship Intelligence available.



The Train Your Mate
System for Having the
Relationship You Want

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Take two full months to examine and use The Train Your Mate System. That's right. You have 60 days to put this valuable course to work in your own relationship. Test the course for yourself on any problem you want. Pick one problem and try The System.

Once you've used these strategies in your own relationship, I'm confident you'll NEVER want to send it back! But, if you aren't satisfied for any reason, or it doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be out one red cent. Just return the course and we'll refund your entire payment. Right up to the final day of this 60 day guarantee.

Order now because you deserve to spend the rest of your life with the person you love living happily together. You deserve to Have the Relationship You Want.

And every hour you wait might only have them drift further apart from you or make the problem harder to resolve. Time can be your biggest enemy.

So please, give yourself a treat. Do something great for both of you. Click the order button below. Download the Train Your Mate System now. Learn the Emotional Intelligence that will make things fun again with your mate


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We weren’t taught any
Relationship Intelligence in school.

P.S. It took me years to learn this stuff. You can learn it in minutes. And if you’re suffering from relationship problems shouldn’t you have the latest Relationship Intelligence techniques available to get the love back into your life? People have used Emotional Logic to stop a divorce dead in its tracks, so this will work for your situation too. Wouldn’t you benefit for the rest of your life if you knew clearly how to repair a broken relationship?

P.P.S. Time can be your biggest enemy with relationship problems. The longer they linger, the more difficult they can be to overcome. Taking action now can prevent this problem.

My mate wasn’t that into me anymore

and was ready to call it quits. With the Train Your Mate System he was back into me within a week. Thanks so much!”

Sue Whitman,
San Diego, CA

"Infidelity Almost Killed My Marriage!

John, your book really helped me deal with a cheating spouse. We are back together and on the way to doing better than ever. Me and my kids thank you for it!”

Colleen Strahan,
Aurora, CO


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